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Maximize your development capabilities for SoC designs.

Competitive advantage for vertically integrated products

driven by development excellence. 

We discover, integrate, and transform IPs into blueprints.
Built and validated for your data-driven intelligent workload. 


IP Exploration 

We collaborate with clients and partners to improve capabilities and make it easier and faster to adopt RISC-V. Our IP exploration environment lets the developers characterize the interoperability, power and performance, and software readiness of their next design.


Choose and customize example use-cases and reference designs representative of data and compute intensive workload.


Validate against portfolio of builtin test vectors and real-world workloads.  Alternatively, bring and use your own test cases.  


Deploy on premise or on cloud.  Replicate reliably across different teams and organizations to test and evaluate. 


Evaluate performance, security and compatibility with different RISC-V cores, IPs, and related middleware and data driven applications. 

IP Exploration

“Competitive advantage in the semiconductor industry is increasing achieved more through product-development capabilities than through manufacturing. The reason is simple. Many chip makers that traditionally were vertically integrated are shredding their fabrication plants, or fabs, and sourcing fabrication.”

— McKinsey

A balanced approach to RISC-V platform empowers the system architects to leverage the diversity and flexibility of the RISC-V modular instruction set architecture to achieve the right balance between the flexibility of programmable software and the performance of fixed function hardware at all levels of product design, from chip to user interface.


Design Acceleration

Utilize our extensive library of tests and benchmarks to characterize your designs against real-world application-centric performance indicators.

Image by Joshua Sortino

Our functional-first design flow enables software development, functional validation and verification to happen concurrently with SoC and platform exploration and designs.

Up-leveling Modeling & Simulation

Model your complex, data-driven design at different level of abstractions, speed and accuracy. Activate your design in closed-loop, mixed reality and configurable simulation infrastructure.

Design Acceleration

Open Source

Elevating market pressure, fragmentation, risks exposure, lack of coverage, and the allure of in-sourcing are impetus for the RISC-V establishment to reduce costs, improve quality and accelerate time-to-market. is a sponsor of RISC-V Developer Network (RVDN), a community platform that enables the RISC-V adopters to collaborate on mutual needs and focus on competency in order to deliver value differentiation.

Image by Mike Kononov

RISC-V Developer Network

RISC-V Developer Network (RVDN) curates and integrates most commonly used RISC-V IP and software stacks to provide developer community with a one-stop-shop access to their development needs.


From concept to foundry, is where leading RISC-V IP, platforms and solutions converge to drive design exploration, feature and performance characterization, verification and validation, and concurrent product development.

RISC-V Developer Network



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